Privacy Policy

White Lodge Veterinary Centre Ltd.

Privacy Policy

White Lodge Veterinary Centre

This Practice ("the Practice) is a member of the CVS (UK) Limited group of Veterinary practices (CVS).  When you register with the Practice, request treatment for your animal, contact the Practice by email, telephone or in writing we will collect and process personal information ("Personal Information") about you.

  1. We will use the personal information that you provided us with:

  • Title

  • Forename/s

  • Surname

  • Contact address/es

  • Contact telephone number/s

  • Contact email address/es

  • Benefit status (proof of benefits)

  • Your animal/s details and clinical history.

  1. We will use your provided information as follows:

  • To contact you with reminders about the treatments your pets are due.

  • To contact you regarding appointments.

  • To contact you regarding your account.

  • To apply for charitable assistance on your behalf (if applicable).

  • To audit accounts as per our Standard Terms of Business.

  • Registration and submission of microchip details implanted into your pet/s with the relevant database company.

  • Registration and submission of Legal documents relating your pet/s passport or import/ export process with the associated government body and your specified transport company.

  • Processing of Pet Insurance Claims on your behalf.

  • Processing Laboratory tests for your animal on your behalf with an external laboratory.

  • Reporting the results of laboratory tests.

  • To contact you with regard to your pet/s treatment and progress.

  • To arrange referral to Veterinary Specialists at your request.

  • To arrange referral to the Veterinary Hospital out-of-hours care provider.

  • To arrange crematorium services for your pet/s.

  • For the purpose of dispute resolution with our registered governing body or insurers.

  1. We will use the following methods to correspond with you;

  • Telephone

  • Post

  • SMS Text

  • Email

Should you wish to opt out of any reminder services for your pet/s treatments then please contact the reception team on 01395 267928 or in person at the practice.

You may also choose to follow us and engage with us on Twitter and Facebook. You can manage or stop your interaction with us via this social media from your own Twitter or Facebook account.

  1. The Company’s Website

Our website does not have a point of contact form where you can input your personal contact information.

Our website does provide links for you access other websites which may be of interest to you:

e.g. online shop or pet symptom help guide.

If you access another website from a link on our website please read the privacy policy on that particular website to confirm how a separate company will use your personal information obtained.

We will not pass your information on to other organisations or websites.

  1. Sharing your data

We do not share your personal details with any third parties for marketing purposes, market research or commercial purposes.

We may pass on your personal information if we have a legal obligation to do so or if we have to enforce our Standard Terms of Business relating to recovering monies owed to the company with the use of an external Debt Recovery Company.

Should you seek the services of another Veterinary Surgeon/ Practice, or require a referral to a Specialist or Referral Centre, or your pet needs transfer to the Out of Hours Hospital, they may request your pet’s clinical history. Your pet’s clinical history will be sent by email or post to the requesting Veterinary Practice, Referral Centre or Out of Hours Hospital. This will also include your personal details as the registered owner/ keeper of the animal.

This is part of our governing body ‘The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’ Code of Professional Conduct for Veterinary Surgeons.

If you are eligible for charitable assistance, at your request, once we receive the relevant proof of eligibility from yourself, we will pass this information on to the appropriate charity to enable the request for financial assistance to be processed. Please read this Charity’s own privacy policy to confirm how this separate company will use your personal information obtained.

External services that the company sources on your behalf;

  • Registration of your pet’s microchip

  • Registration of your pet’s ‘four week free’ Pet Insurance with an external provider. Please read this external company’s own privacy policy to confirm how this separate company will use your personal information obtained.

  • Laboratory tests for your pet.

  • Manufacturer’s technical help support enquiries relating to the treatments that your pet receives.

  • Pet Health Plans; the purchase of the practice health plans are run through an external company Please read this external company’s own privacy policy to confirm how this separate company will use your personal information obtained.

  • Pet Travel Scheme, plus Import and Export; completion and submission of documentation relating to your Pet’s travel outside of the UK., Including correspondence with the relevant government authorities and travel companies. Please read this external company’s own privacy policy to confirm how this separate company will use your personal information obtained.

  • Crematorium services

Information relating to the business’s accounts which may include client account details may be shared with our accountants for the purpose of reconciling the business accounts only. Any transport of paper documentation will be secure and electronic media password protected.

  1. Retention and Destruction of data

We have an obligation to abide by our governing body’s Code of Professional Conduct (The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) to ensure that all our client and clinical records are retained on file.

The Practice Policy is to retain these files for the lifespan of the pet (potentially 20yrs in some cases). All electronic files remain active whilst you and your pet(s) remain a registered client. Should you choose to transfer to the care of another Veterinary Surgeon/ Practice; once a copy of your records have been sent to yourself and/ or the new Veterinary Surgeon we will then mark your file as inactive. Your file remains archived on our computer system.

All electronic storage devices that are no longer in use but which hold relevant in date data are stored on the business premises securely.

All paper records relating to your pet are archived securely on the business premises for the purpose of legal records.

All paper records will be marked for destruction date 7 years post the last entry.

Credit Card Payments:

Our copies of your credit card payments (payment slips) will be archived securely on the business premises for tax purposes. They will be marked for destruction 18 months after the payment.

Destruction Methods:

Paper records are to be rendered irretrievable on site by cross shredding before final disposal with a registered waste company.

Electronic storage devices are to be permanently wiped of their data by using a ‘File Shredder’ programme.

  1. CCTV

We have a CCTV system on the premises. The CCTV system is managed by ourselves and the supplier: Five Star Security Ltd. The system is backed up to a cloud which is encrypted and only accessible to the management team here at White Lodge and the Supplier Five Star Security Ltd.

The purpose of the CCTV is to allow the 24hours security of the premises and its employees.

The CCTV system footage and records may be reviewed by the management team for the following purposes;

  • Complaints or grievances raised by employees, clients or suppliers

  • Customer Care quality control

  • Crime detection

We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office.

We will only share the CCTV footage and records for Legal reasons with the relevant Legal Authorities.

  1. Your Rights…. a Subject Access Request

You have the right to request an electronic copy of the personal information that we hold about you.

Your request to access this information must be made in writing to the Director or Practice Manager.

The Director or Practice Manager will respond to your request within 30 days and provide you with a copy of the personal information that the company holds of you on an easily readable electronic formatted media. This will be sent to you via a recorded delivery package.

  1. Accountability

In the UK under the General Data Protection Regulation we have an obligation to notify the regulator ‘The Information Commissioner’s Office’ within 72 hours of a data breach being identified when the personal information meets certain criteria.

How to contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about our privacy policy or the information we hold about you.

By email

or write to us at CVS House, Owen Road, Diss, IP22 4ER

CVS (UK) Limited (registered number 3777473) is a company registered in England at CVS House, Owen Road, Diss, Norfolk, IP22 4ER and is the Data Controller